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Nearly 80% of cancer patients have reported delays in care this year. We help patients access lifesaving care and resources, but COVID-19 is putting that support at risk. Without your help, our cancer research will be cut in half.

Help us ensure lifesaving cancer research doesn't have to pause for the pandemic.

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Cancer diagnoses decrease, and life expectancies increase.

We are fighting for a future when...

Cancer is preventable and treatable.

Affordable, high-quality treatments move from lab to bedside quickly.

What cancer survivors say

American Cancer Society's research fills me with the most hope. Without it drugs that I'm currently on wouldn't be available. When or if my protocol stops working I want there to be another one in place just as good or better.


Metastatic Breast Cancer Thriver

Help us build a brighter, cancer-free future.

Thank you for donating to the American Cancer Society and sharing the light of hope. Your gift helps sustain critical programs, services, and ground-breaking research that saves and improves lives.

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Due to the economic effects of COVID-19 your American Cancer Society is facing a significant funding shortage, which is threatening our ability to invest in vital cancer research.


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